Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 Types of T.V Commercials

T.v is very important medium of advertising. It cover Mass geographical area and Market units. There are many type of advertising explain below

• Appeal to vanity
• Bandwagon Type
• Celebrity endorsement \
• Consumer conspiracy:
• Informal
• Major Minor Inconveniences
• Perfume Commercial
• Product as super hero
• Pitch Mob.
• Public Service announcement
• Testimonial advertising
• Parody or borrowed format

Appeal to vanity
These types of appeal used by any product are perceived it as elite or heighten including but not limited to luxury and expensive. For example BMW car advertising and advertising of rest watch.

Bandwagon Type
In this type of advertising, Creative producer show that everybody is buying that specific product so that u should buy it. For example advertising of Pepsi in which they show everybody is buying Pepsi why u doesn’t?

When advertisers use a famous person or star in advertising to endorse the product. Like singer, actors are using UN different advertising. For example Abrar-ul-haq in LG mobile advertisement and Atif Aslam with Q-mobile.

Consumer conspiracy:
Which offer the secret information in advertising related to product to their target audience. They represent like there is big secret about that product that only some professional know. You should know it buy it. For example in advertising.

The informal advertising is a tried and true advertising. In which marketer purchase entire half hour for their product. These slots are usually late night or mid of day. Whenever media stations feel they can’t make enough money selling normal ads to justify buying an actual show. For example advertising of exercise machines, juicer, kitchen supplies etc.

Major Minor Inconveniences
Whenever in advertising, advertiser are show how great is your life became after using our product and how bad was your life before using this. Or it show after using our product your life became easier.

Perfume Commercial
Perfume commercial have a tough task to complete they are advertising through a medium that can`t possibly convey their product sole feature: the smell. The solution such as it is, is to create an association with raw human desire, elegance, beauty and wealth via incomprehensible art. For example Car advertising that show that driving car can change your life style, instead of show car engine quality. In Pakistan example of Wi-Trib wireless Internet is example of this.

Product as super hero
A variety of advertising are show that product as super hero. The performance of product is very highly . example of this advertising is toilet washing Mister muscular.

Pitch Mob.
In this type of commercial creative director set in supermarket or similar places where pair of shopper will try that product and give comments and other shoppers in rounding will begin to joint that conversation and each one take turn at extolling the product. For example

Public Service announcement
Commercial put on by the government for public safety or information, also known as public service messages. For examples Don’t smoke and buckle up before driving, obey the speed limits.

Testimonial advertising
One of the most common type, the testimonial lecture testimony form an expert in a certain field. Expert gives suggestion to use that specific product. “We recommend you to use that” .
For example, the advertising of Colgate toothbrush.

Parody or borrowed format
In this type of advertising parody of any renown character or situation is made or any famous character or situation or borrowed for particular ad For example in advertisement of HBL they do parody of Mr. Bean.


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