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Structure Of Advertising Agency

Advertising agency is an independent organization in which the technical and artistic people make ad for people and services of different companies and also choose the mass media.  A modern advertising agency offer specialized knowledge, skills & experience which are required to produce an effective advertising campaign. It has writers, artists, media experts, researchers, TV producer, account executives etc.
 These specialist work together to understand fully the advertiser requirement of advertising campaign and develop suitable advertising plan and strategies by creating advertisement and implement advertising plans and strategies.
Each Advertising agency is unique in different departmental service. They are specialist in providing different marketing promotions some of the most common are:
         Public Relations
         Direct Marketing
         Recruitment Advertising
         Industrial or Business to Business
 Here we only discuss structure of Advertising agency
Advertising campaign
“An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication. Advertising campaign appear different media across a specific time frame”
Functions of advertising Agency
An advertising agency has 4 key functions to perform:
·         Plan the strategy for advertising.
·         Creating production the ads
·         Planning and buying the media in which to run them
·         Managing this process together with the client
Structure of advertising agency
Usually advertising agency consists of the following different departments. Who are works together to perform an effective and best out put.
·         Account department
·         Marketing services
·         Creative department
·         Media planning
·         Internal services department
·         Client services 
Structure of Advertising Agency

These departments are varying from company to company and organization to organization on it working load and size of company.
Account Management department
In an advertising agency account department deal direct with client and help client to cover more market in less money. Officers in account department mean they have to make never ending negotiations between ad agency and its clients. They make efforts to contract renewal and strengthen the firms’ client support.  Account department doesn’t mean dealing with account only. In advertising agency it’s mean to deal with client and managing with them.
They are responsible for coordinating with the creative department, media production staff that are all behind the campaign.  Through out the campaign they keep in touch with the client to updated him on ads progress and gain feedback. Upon completion of the creative work it is their job to ensure the ads production and placement.
Marketing services Department
This is very important department of any advertising agency that helps in creating an effective advertising agency. Officers in marketing services department are duty to search the attitude of the people within the specific or targeted market.
They also put efforts to find out that which medium or combination of medium would be best for the advertising campaign.
            Market researcher services are being hired to access client market situation, including understanding customers’ attitude and competition situation in the specific market.
They mostly do research in following department
·         Consumer research
·         Market survey
·         Market potential study   
Sales Promotion
            They use different technique for sales promotion.
Both sub-departments will be benefit for more mutual understanding of information early in the agency research process.  To work strategically both clients to create solution for variety of marketing needs
Creative department
This is a department of highly skilled people who work in a team to give best results. It comprises of technical experts, system architectures, graphics designers, art directors and artists, sop writing section , film production section, computers programming etc.
There work to create and produce ads and public services messages for both Electronic and Print media as per demand of client and as per instruction given to them. They are equipped with latest technique and equipments.
Art directors and copy writer along with their team generate creative ideas and the remaining team work in giving those ideas to appropriate physical shapes.  
Media Planning Department
This department works on planning and buying the media. As if ad would not be placed on the most appropriate medium or combination of medium them all efforts and cost on it would be wastage.
Each medium, which they are hundreds are now, has its own unique method of accepting advertising such as different cost structures. Media planning department on behalf of their clients looks for the best media for advertising.
They buy space form media and place their client advertising there.
Internal services department
Internal services department mean department in advertising agency that make relations between the internal employees for effective control over all advertising completion process. This is divided further in three sub-departments.

Traffic Department
            The traffic department regulates the flow of work in the agency. It increase agency efficiency and profitability through the reduction of false job start, inappropriate job initiations, incomplete information sharing, over and under cost estimation and answering the phone calls.
Finance Department
            They are responsible for handing all the matters related to finance. They take care of all the bills for example electricity, phones, house rent, building fares, internet charges, transport allowance etc. they are responsible for getting money form advertisers as well. Employees’ salaries and daily payments also come under this department.
Human Resource department
This department looks after the man power in the agency. They know where to appoint new person, whom to shift from one to another department. Where new training needed. When to conduct seminars to enhance different skills of workers.
Client Services Department
Usually this separated department is seen in very larger ad agencies.
Client services department helps their clients for the promotion of their business but other than making ads. They can prepare PR (Public Relations) campaign for their clients, can arrange exhibition for then and even can do some research on their demand. They also help their client on designing the wrappers or other packaging material.